How to buy cheap clothing in India

A woman walks through a thrift shop at the Mumbai Fashion Week, March 10, 2017.

India’s largest retailer, Flipkart, said it had set up an online store to sell its cheap clothing for the first time, in an effort to attract business in a country where a booming apparel industry is still struggling to regain its footing.

Flipkarts chief executive Amit Agarwal said the retailer has set up the website for people who are looking to purchase cheap clothes, or even just clothes that are out of stock.

“We are happy to have a new outlet for people to buy clothes, as we see a lot of people coming to us,” Agarwa told reporters at the event, held in Mumbai.

“This is our way to create more sales.”

He said the website was open to anyone with an account on and could be accessed by anyone in India, including customers in other countries.

“It is free, it is easy to use, and it is really easy to buy and sell clothes.

The idea is to help people shop and buy cheap, affordable clothes,” Agrarwal said.

The store will sell clothing from the brands such as T-shirts, trousers, sweaters and jackets, to the cheaper brands like shoes, accessories and accessories.

It will also offer an online selection of other brands that are sold in India.

Flipknights co-founder Pranesh Agarwala, who is also Flipkarna’s chief financial officer, said the site was the result of a partnership with a large retail chain, H&M.

“They have come out with an online retailer, which is a great thing, as well as their own brand,” he said.

He said a large number of Indian shoppers would also be able to shop for cheap clothing online.

“There is a large segment of consumers that shop online for cheap clothes,” he added.

H&Ms India said it was the first retailer in India to offer the site, and that it would offer similar services for the rest of India.

It said it is now working with other retailers to launch the platform.

The online shopping site is being launched in India at the same time as it launches its first store in the country.

“The company is keen to make it a platform that helps in the business of cheap clothing, as it is a very significant segment in the market, and we will be targeting it to that segment,” said Vikas Sharma, general manager, retail operations at H&m India.

Sharma said the store would be available on the H&mn India website in India on the same day it launches in the rest, of the world.

“India is a key market for H&mans and the world is looking to the country as a place to market,” Sharma added.

“Our store is a reflection of the importance of the Indian market in the global fashion industry.”

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