Why Macy’s isn’t selling clothes for the holidays

Macy’s is selling clothes from its namesake department store in the weeks leading up to the holidays for the first time since 2009.

The move comes as the company is trying to reinvent itself as an online brand that helps consumers shop at smaller retailers.

“We are doing this to be the retailer of choice,” CEO John Flanagan said in a statement on Tuesday.

The company is launching the brand in stores on Friday, and will also be selling online starting on Wednesday.

Macy’s stock is down more than 7% in 2017.

The chain’s stock has fallen more than 40% this year, and the stock has lost more than 3.5% of its value over the past year.

Macy, which is owned by the U.S. conglomerate, has a history of falling out of favor with millennials, with its recent decision to stop stocking clothing and accessories to help lure shoppers into online retailers like Amazon.

The brand has also faced criticism over its decision to pull a line of clothing for the holiday season, which some said was too harsh.

Macy says it will continue to sell items from the chain’s namesake department stores, and said it plans to expand its offerings in the coming months.

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