When is a $300 gift card worth $50?

New York City, NY—September 20, 2018—For the first time ever, a $250 gift card will net you more than you paid for it.

On September 20, 2017, you could get a $50 card for just $250.

Now you can get a gift card for as little as $300, or even more. 

On September 20th, a new feature in our Wallet app will allow you to earn rewards points with every purchase, including for Amazon gift cards.

For more information on this new feature, visit  Wallet.com.

Now with the Amazon Card , Amazon has added more than 50,000 new merchants to its Walmart Rewards program, which lets you earn rewards on purchases at participating stores.

The new card is the first to allow you earn points on purchases made at Amazon.com and other Amazon merchants.

The new Amazon Card is available at participating Walmart.com retailers and is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

To earn points, you must spend at least $50 in Amazon merchandise, which is worth $150, and you must have a Walmart account with at least 2,000 purchases.

Points are earned as soon as you spend a dollar or more.

The card also offers a $25 Amazon Pay Card that can be used at all Walmart stores and at select Walmarts online.

To learn more about this new card, visit Walmart.ca.

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