When will you get your new ‘sissy’ clothes?

The fashion industry has a habit of pushing back against the idea that they’re only for men.

As a result, we’re still learning the ways that women and men can shop for and buy sissy clothes online.

But a recent study from the fashion company Kering and its partners found that while a majority of sissy clothing is made for women, the sissy fashion is more popular among men.

Kering, which makes sissy dresses, skirts, coats and other clothes for women and for men, has released a study that sheds light on the gender gap in the online market.

The study, which was conducted by Kering in partnership with Fashion Media Network, surveyed 1,000 men and women ages 18 to 50 about their sissy style preferences and purchases, as well as how they used the sites sites to find, shop and buy the items.

It found that women are much more likely to buy sissies online than men.

The biggest difference between women and their male counterparts was their willingness to make a big purchase.

More than half of women and 50 percent of men said they would buy more than $100 worth of sissie clothing online, while less than one-third of women said they bought less than $50 and nearly one-quarter said they purchased $10-$20.

Women were also much more willing to shop for their sissys than men, and women were more likely than men to say they would “try out” sissy apparel.

The women were also more likely that they would pay more than the men.

But, more than a third of women (35 percent) and women (38 percent) said they wouldn’t spend more than they were paid.

And that’s a big difference.

Women spend more, while men are less likely to spend.

Kerering noted that there are many ways to shop online, including buying online, using coupons, and buying with gift cards, but it seems that the women are buying more than men with sissiest clothing.

It’s important to note that this is just one survey, and there are several other studies out there that look at the same questions, like the study conducted by FMA in 2018.

Kerni Schulte, a senior director of marketing for Kering, told The Huffington Post that her company is working to educate consumers about the difference between sissiness and sissy.

She said that the company was not able to measure the gender divide, but was looking at the way women were shopping online and how they were using the sites.

We were really surprised at the response from women and the response we were getting online,” she said.”

There is a lot of overlap between the shopping behavior and the shopping behaviors of women.

“In the study, men and female shoppers were more willing than men and the same was true for women’s purchases online.

Women were also less likely than their male peers to be willing to pay more for sissier clothing.

Sissy clothing was most popular among those who were younger than 50.

Sissies were the most popular items among those between the ages of 50 and 64.

Women and men also searched for the same items online, but the women were far more likely overall to search for sissy items than men were.

Men were also most likely to search on mobile devices.KERING is using social media to educate its customers about the sissy fashion, and it has been tracking how the sites are being used.

In the meantime, Kering is trying to help women understand the importance of buying online.

Kermaine Johnson, a marketing manager for Kered, said that she hopes that the study can lead to more people being educated about sissy shopping, so that more people can purchase sissy gear.

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