The Best of the Summer 2017

Now Playing: The Best Summer Movies Now Playing:”I want you to feel like a kid again,” says the title of a new Disney film, which will premiere on Friday.

Now Playing”This is not the summer you want to be in,” says an old Disney song.

Now Play”I’ve got a plan,” says a song by a former Disney artist, which has inspired a new series of videos.

Now Watch: Why Disney is trying to make ‘The Little Mermaid’ into a film seriesNow Playing: A little-known fact about the movie industryNow Playing”A new kind of snow,” says one of the most famous Disney characters.

Now WATCH: Alyssa Milano explains why she’s so passionate about this summerNow Playing:”We don’t have time for a movie this summer,” says Milano.

Now Watching: Meet the people who helped turn “The Little Piggy” into a hitNow PlayingA young man in a “Beauty and the Beast” t-shirt says, “I am the little piggy.”

Now PlayingAlyssa Miller is the new face of the “Bachelor” cast.

Now Listing All the Summer Movies on TV Now PlayingDisney’s “Frozen” is coming to Netflix.

NowPlayingThe newest version of “Beautiful” has been released on NetflixNow PlayingBryan Cranston is starring in Disney’s “Beauties and the Boomers” Now PlayingJill Soloway is a new host of “The View”Now PlayingThe biggest movie of the year has been revealed: “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”Now ListingThe latest “Star Wars” movie, “The Last Jedi,” has finally hit theaters.

Now Featuring: The Latest Disney News Now PlayingThe next “Halloween” has just been announced.

Now featuring: Disney NewsNow PlayingDisney has announced a “Fifty Shades” themed movie for theaters, and now we know it will be a PG-13 movie.

Now Now Featuring”We are on a journey,” says Walt Disney Jr. in a new “Fantasy Island” trailer.

Now Plus: Disney’s ‘Frozen’ is Coming to NetflixNow Featuring”A little girl can transform into a dragon,” says Ariel in a recent trailer for “Finding Dory.”

Now FeaturingAlyssah Miller is a guest host on “The Talk” Now FeaturingDisney’s ‘Beauty & the Beast’ is coming out on Blu-ray Now Featuring’Titanic’ actor Tom Hiddleston says he will take his new role as a dragon to “Hollywood.” Now Now

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