A Japanese ebay seller offers free clothes to people with allergies

An online marketplace that sells cheap, wholesome clothes has begun accepting donations of clothing to those with allergies, a move that has sparked a backlash from some who say it’s cruel.

The platform, called E-nike, is a Japanese clothing retailer that makes its money through selling online and via mobile apps.

But the platform has also become a haven for people who have severe allergies, who are seeking out a low-cost way to dress for allergies, according to the company’s website.

“We’ve had a lot of inquiries from people with allergic reactions,” E-Nike’s founder, Kenji Sato, said in an interview with Quartz.

“We’ve received lots of questions from people who want to buy products with allergies.”

Sato is the founder of E-niks, which began as a Japanese online marketplace where customers could purchase clothing, accessories and other items.

The platform allows anyone with an allergic reaction to choose between products for their allergies, from shirts to suits to even shoes, and customize them according to their needs.

The website currently has about 10,000 items on offer, but the company plans to expand its inventory to 1,000 products this month.

The new e-nikes will come with labels from companies like E-mart, e-toys, and e-store.

“You can go on E-naive and buy all the e-shop products,” Sato said.

Sato said that E-NAIKE will soon add more types of clothing, and will make its own clothes and accessories.

“This is something we want to make available to the world,” he said.

E-NAKES offers clothing and accessories to anyone who has an allergy, including children and people with certain health conditions, such as asthma and eczema.

“I’ve been in contact with people with asthma and allergy, and they’ve been really kind and have asked us to make things,” Satsato said, adding that he’s also worked with people suffering from epilepsy and other conditions to help them with their clothing.

“I’m just hoping people will understand that this is a fun, simple way to help others.”

Satsato’s team has also been working on a program called ENAKERS to help people with an allergy find a way to shop for their items, including e-mail and online surveys.

The program will launch later this year, with ENAKIES becoming ENAKYES by the end of the year.

“If you want to go online and ask people about their allergies or what they need, this is the way,” Satesato said of the ENAIKERS program.ENAKYLES is being funded by the Japan Foundation for Research and Development, and Satsito said he hopes to expand it to include more people with other health conditions.

He also wants to increase the number of items that can be bought through ENAKE and create a marketplace for people to buy clothes.

ENAKKES, he said, is an experiment to test the concept.

“It’s not that I want to put out more information, it’s more about testing and seeing how many people actually want to try it,” Satos said.

“The more people who can join in the experiment, the better it will be.”

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