When do you need to get dressed for the job?

Here’s what to wear to work when you’re in need of an excuse to dress for work: Knuckleheads Clothing wholesale,Catpapa Clothing wholesale and Easy clothing wholesale have just announced a $100 off discount for the first two weeks of May, and it will run through June 6th.

The deal is valid until June 6, 2019, at which point you’ll need to spend $100 on anything from knucklehead shirts to catpapa shirts.

Knucklehead shirt options include: – Woolfolk shirts with embroidered patches -Ablex t-shirts -Catpaca shirts with hand drawn motifs, such as “farther and farther” and “you will die” -Knuckle hoodies -T-shirt and shorts with embroidery -Stitch socks and beanies The deal also includes $20 off everything else. 

Knucklehoods can be purchased online for $75 or in-store at the Knucklehead Boutique store, which is also selling knuckle hoods for $30 each. 

You’ll need a minimum of $100 in order to save on the clothing.

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