Aliexpo’s wholesale clothing line has officially launched

The Aliepox brand has launched its wholesale clothing range, and it’s already sold out in the UK.

The Aliespox range has over 250 items, from underwear to dresses, and has been sold out since it was launched in March, according to the brand’s Facebook page.

Aliespo’s store has also seen sales of over 50% more than the first month of the line.

The brand has been selling the new line in a range of sizes, and the price is around £12.99 per size.

The range is available in all sizes, but the biggest selling items are the women’s sizes, which range from women’s to XS to XL.

A new range of Aliesx products, including underwear, has also been launched, which includes women’s briefs, tops, dresses, boots, socks and more.

Aliexpox is selling a new range called Aliesy Clothing for the first time, which is available to pre-order.

Alespox’s first store was in the city of Edinburgh in May, with Aliespeck soon following in its footsteps.

Alerspox is currently in the middle of opening a new store in Glasgow.

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