You can get chillipop apparel wholesale for $1 on Flipkart

Flipkarn, the online retailer of apparel and accessories, is launching its first retail store on Wednesday, with items priced at $1, down from $2 in a previous launch.

The Flipkarmop store is part of Flipkarts India store program, which gives consumers an easy way to shop for products, and is the first store to offer discounted prices.

Flipkarms Indian store was launched in August, but was rolled out to other Flipkarters markets only in March.

The new store is in the area of Juhu, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Jaipur and New Delhi.

“We are working on making the Flipkarma India store an even more convenient way to find cool clothing and accessories from Indian retailers.

We are thrilled to announce this as our new store will be a great way for you to shop and explore the amazing world of FlipKarma,” said Amit Mishra, VP, Global Business, Flipkars India, in a statement.

Flipknows how to make things go big, and this is a testament to that.

The company’s products are priced at under $2, and include clothing, apparel accessories, shoes, hats, sunglasses, accessories, and more.

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