Yoga clothing and apparel company offers $300 yoga membership for new customers

The brand that has made yoga the new hotness of retail has introduced a $300 membership for all new customers.

The brand has launched Yoga in America, a program that provides $300 of savings per year to all new members.

All new members will be able to get a Yoga membership card, which will include an access to its online store.

It will be the first time the company has offered a membership to new members, and it is a $1,500 discount off the membership price.

The Yoga program is also available in select locations.

Yoga offers yoga classes in its stores in Los Angeles, Los Angeles (and beyond), New York City, and Toronto, Canada.

“As a yoga teacher and an experienced yoga instructor, I believe that the most rewarding part of yoga is the connection with the community,” said Yoga founder and founder, Rina Jang, in a press release.

Jang has also created a community website that offers community resources, yoga videos, and yoga certification.

She also has launched a yoga studio in the UK, where she is also training yoga teachers.

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