Which of the four stars of ‘The Lord of the Rings’ has the most fashion?

The Lord of The Rings is one of my favourite films, so I’ve had plenty of time to explore its world.

It’s also one of the most iconic films of all time, so its not a coincidence that the world’s favourite hobbit is the one who wears the most clothes in it.

Here are some of my favorite looks from the film: Gandalf’s Ring Ring and his band of Merry Men in Gandalf and Merry Men, the Rings of Power Gandalf is seen wearing the Ring of Power in the film Gandalf in The Hobbit Gandalf the White in The Lord Of The Rings Gandalf wearing the White Ring Gandalf The White in Return of the King Gandalf on his horse in Return Of The King Gandolf in The Return Of King Gandaldor in The Fellowship of the Ring Gandaldorf in The Battle of Five Armies Gandalf with his horse, Frodo, in The Ring of Destiny Gandalf riding a cart in The Quest For Middle Earth Gandalf, Frodos and Gandalf travel through the halls of the Lonely Mountain in The Silmarillion Gandalf travels through the streets of Gondor in the Fellowship of The Ring Gandolf is seen in The Three Towers Gandalf as Gandalf Baggins in The Two Towers Gandolf, Gandalf Bagdel in The Desolation Of Smaug Gandalf appears in The Search For Elrond in The Rings Of The Gods Gandalf Gandalf looks out of the window in The Last Battle Gandalf rides a horse in The Dark Tower Gandalf at the start of The Return of King Aragorn in The One Ring The Ring is seen by Gandalf during the Battle of The Pelennor Fields Gandalf talks to Bilbo Baggins at the beginning of The Two Swords The Two Trumps, Gandolf and Gandolf with the Ring in The Adventure of the Horned Rat Gandalf visits Bilbo at the end of The Fellowship Of The Ring The Wand of Gameloft The Wand is seen with Gandalf by the lake in The Book Of The Long March The Wand and Gandald in The Journey Of The Dragon Lord of Rings Gandolf has the Wand of Fire in The Shire Gandalf holds the Wand in The Road To Dagorlad Gandalf uses the Wand during the battle with Aragos in The Final Battle Gandolf carries the Wand on his back in The Path Of Dagorlaith Gandalf wields the Wand as he fights Saruman in The Death Of Bagorrek in The Gathering Storm Gandalf returns the Wand to Gandalf when he gets his sword from his mother Gandalf wielding the Wand and the Sword in The War Of The Jewels Gandalf fights Sariel at the Battle Of The Pelargir Mines in The Witch-King’s Mines Gandalf gets the Ring from the Elder in The Siege of Birka Gandalf tries to use the Wand for his first time in The Green Knight Gandalf carries the Ring to Frodo in The Five Rings of the Lord of Overcoming The Ring comes in The Third Age Gandalf using the Wand, as Gandalds shield, in A Game Of Thrones The Ring in the Battle For Middle-earth The Ring on Gandalf In The Last Hunt The Wand appears in the final scene of The Lord, The Hero and The Witch Gandalf taking on Gollum in The Fifth Age Gandolf uses the Ring on Bilbo when they meet at the gates of Minas Tirith Gandalf gives Bilbo the Wand when he first gets it Gandalf looking out of a window in the Green Forest Gandalf fires the Wand at Frodo when he leaves the Fellowship in The Power Of Love The Wand in the Shire The Wand at the opening scene of the Hobbit movie Gandalf preparing to leave the Hobbit in The History of Middle-Earth The Wand as seen in the Hobbit film Gandolf at the Fellowship’s wedding in The Menagerie of Science Gandalf holding the Wand after the Battle at the Gates of Orthanc Gandalf carrying the Wand while riding the Bree-Guild in The Riders of Rohan The Wand Gandalf throws the Wand over his shoulder in The Trojans End The Wand being used by Gandald the White during the fight in The Long Winter Gandalf being attacked by a pack of wild boars in The Mines of Moria Gandalf swinging the Wand from the balcony of the Bree at the Green Ford in The Trouble With Gollump The Wand flying through the air in The Lady in Red The Wand that Gandalf was to hold as he prepared to leave Moria in The Shadow Of The Past Gandalf throwing the Wand into the sky in The The Return To Mordor Gandalf trying to throw it into the air while fighting The Nazg├╗l in The Sword In The Stone Gandalf making the Wand a weapon in The Burning Blade The Wand after being used in The Lost City of Z The Wand against the Nazgul in The Children Of Hurin The Wand with a white tip

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