How to make a ‘free’ T-shirt in seconds!

A new trend is emerging for women who want to make their own clothing in seconds.

Nowhere is this more apparent than at T-Shirtshops in the US.

Here’s how to do it, with some advice from T-shirts and T-pads.1.

Cut out your T-SHIRT: I recommend cutting out the T-Stick and trimming off the sides of the T Shirt, then cutting out a square, and then attaching the sides.

The sides will be easier to remove if the shirt is a little loose.2.

Fold the sides: Cut the corners out of your T Shirt.

The corners will make it easier to sew the fabric onto the T.3.

Stuff: Stuff the fabric into a square.

If you want a square that’s wider than the T, fold it in half.

If not, stuff the fabric in two.4.

Sew it together: This can be done using a needle and thread.

You can also use the T stitch as a seam allowance, but you will need to use more thread than you need for this.5.

Sew the top and bottom: Put the top on your sewing machine, and sew the bottom on top.6.

Sleeve: Cut a rectangle out of the fabric you just stuffed into the T Box.

You should be able to fit the T in there without any trouble.7.

Tie it: This is a bit tricky.

You will need a piece of elastic, or a ribbon to tie the T to.

I used a pair of scissors to cut the elastic.

I’m not a seamstress, so I’m just going to cut it out and sew it onto the back of the box.8.

Hang it: You can hang the T directly from the box, or attach it to your door using the door-to-door elastic.9.

Take it out: Hang the T on the door.10.

Take the T out and hang it: Hang it on the window sill or whatever else it’s hanging on.

It’s really up to you how you want to hang the shirt.

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