‘My mother will have to buy me a clothes shop’: Mother of 4 loses her job to buy clothes

My mother-in-law, a former garment trader, was laid off from her job last week and will have the chance to buy herself a clothes store.

The 64-year-old, who had earned Rs 4,500 a month as a clothes trader, had been working at a wholesale clothing store in Pune for 10 years and worked as a cashier.

She lost her job on Tuesday as the company started paying her wages and also the rent, and the company was asking her to pay rent to her landlord, who is also a tenant.

“My mother- in-law will have no option but to sell clothes and pay rent,” said Kishore Gopinath, a resident of Pune who is working on a case against the company.

“My family is already struggling, my wife and three children are not making enough to support them.

But they will have an option if the company is forced to lay off more workers.”

They have lost my job and now I will have only one option, to sell them clothes or pay rent.

I am going to go to court,” Gopinnath said.

The case was filed in Panchkula High Court, which is hearing a plea seeking relief from the Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC) and the State Government, alleging that the company had breached its franchise agreement.

The company, which has a turnover of around Rs 1,600 crore, has been unable to pay its rent to its landlord for the last two years, the plea alleges.

The complaint also alleges that the rent payment has been irregular, and there is no mechanism for employees to get their pay.

The MIDC had earlier said it was aware of the case and had taken action against the accused company.

“We are not in a position to comment on the matter at this time.””

The company has paid rent for the past two years and it is being paid in full,” he said.

“We are not in a position to comment on the matter at this time.”

In a Facebook post on Tuesday, MIDC said it had received a complaint about the matter from a resident, who alleged that the firm had not paid the rent for a period of three years.

“Due to this, the landlord has asked the MIDC to take action against us and has asked us to stop paying rent for three months,” the post said.

A spokesperson for the company said that the MIDI was “fully aware of this complaint and took action against MIDI in accordance with our franchise agreement”.

“MIDI takes the issue seriously, and will take action on this complaint accordingly,” the spokesperson said.

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