‘Fashion is not a business’: Women say no to the idea of buying lingerie

The idea that women would buy lingerie was a big topic of conversation in the run-up to the election.

Some women have expressed concerns that buying lingeries would be considered “fashion” and therefore stigmatised as an “item of clothing”.

In the run up to the vote, the prime minister, Julia Gillard, said women should “not buy lingeries, not buy dresses, not wear skirts, not put on make-up, wear tight jeans”.

Many women are not keen on the idea.

A spokeswoman for the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Surgeons said it was not their job to comment on the issue.

“Our role is to advise the Australian government on the issues that affect women and their health,” she said.

“We will not comment on this specific issue.”

Some of the biggest names in lingerie are owned by some of the world’s most famous brands, including L’OrĂ©al, Marc Jacobs, and Stella McCartney.

A spokesperson for the Australian Society of Fashion Editors said it did not comment specifically on any individual brand, but that they had “strongly encouraged all members to be responsible consumers”.

“We have encouraged the public to look for high quality brands that are genuinely safe, ethical and suitable for our bodies and minds,” she added.

“Lingerie has always been a part of the Australian fashion experience, and we will continue to support and encourage our members to wear the best brands to get the best product and experience for their customers.”

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission said it had received a number of complaints about the lingerie issue from consumers.

A spokesman for the regulator said it received more than 400 complaints from consumers in the past 12 months about the issue of high-end brands not being made available to them.

“As part of a range of consumer protection measures, the ACCC is reviewing our existing policies to address consumer concerns about the availability of high end products,” the spokesperson said.

Some of these complaints involve lingerie in the US and Canada.

“This has been a topic of concern for consumers in Europe, Australia and elsewhere, and this issue has been an issue of concern in the United States,” the ACCCs spokesperson said in a statement.

The spokeswoman said the agency would continue to “engage with consumers on the merits of the issue and the opportunities available to consumers”.

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