Clothing retailer is selling out its warehouse and the company is losing millions in profits

More than 2 million items from around the world are being removed from shelves across the US after they were accidentally shipped out.

The retailer, Wholesale Fitness, said it has lost about $2 million a day since it started selling online on September 30.

The items have now been returned to warehouses.

Wholesale said it had been “forced” to sell its inventory, including clothing, toys, home goods and household goods, at a loss, but the company said it was “shocked and heartbroken” at the loss of so much inventory.

“Our goal has always been to deliver products to customers in a way that’s safe and fair for them,” the company told the BBC.

A spokesperson said the retailer was now “sitting on” some of its inventory.

“Unfortunately, in the past week, we’ve seen an increase in orders that are being cancelled by the manufacturer or the manufacturer’s warehouse,” she said.

“We have been forced to sell some of our inventory and that inventory is sitting on the shelves, we are currently in the process of selling a large number of items to retailers, but we are unable to disclose the exact amounts of inventory that have been sold.”

Wholesales spokesperson Laura DeLuca told the ABC that the company was working with its supplier, American Express, to “re-establish our inventory.”

“We are working with the manufacturer to re-establish all our inventory in the US and in other international markets to make sure it’s safe for our customers,” she told the broadcaster.

“This includes returning our inventory to its original warehouse location.”

The majority of the inventory that is being returned will be shipped back to our suppliers, who are working around the clock to make all our products as safe as possible.

“The company said that on Thursday, it received 1,400 new orders for products that were previously on the company’s website.

On Friday, it was announced that the retail giant Sears Holdings would be closing all stores in the state of Florida.

The company said on Friday that it would be removing its store from Florida stores.

Sears is not the only company to have lost money in the face of the opioid crisis.

Last week, Macy’s said it would close more than 100 stores in New York state and Chicago, as well as several other states, as it sought to boost its sales and help reduce the cost of opioids.

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