Vietnam is selling its own clothes for about US$9 per kilogram, says trade group

VAN NUYS, Vietnam — Vietnam is now selling its clothes at the wholesale level for about the same price as those in other Asian countries, despite the country’s high cost of living, said a trade group representing wholesalers.

Vietnam is the world’s biggest exporter of clothes to the United States and other developed countries.

But the country still has a high rate of clothing production that is more than three times higher than that in the United Kingdom, according to data compiled by The Associated Press.

Vietnam has a strong manufacturing base that includes the countrys largest garment factory, the Dong Van textile mill.

It also has a large exporter network that includes major retailers, including Kohl’s, American Express, American Eagle Outfitters, Lululemon and others.

It’s not uncommon for the United Nations Development Programme to pay a visit to Vietnam in an effort to boost the country.

But its impact on the country is unclear.

The group says the government has not provided any data on the price of Vietnam’s clothes.

The government does not give a specific price for Vietnamese clothing, but the United Way and the World Bank said Vietnam is often quoted in the same fashion as its counterparts.

The World Bank’s chief economist, Michael Lomax, said he doesn’t know what the price is, but Vietnam is “the cheapest country I have ever been to in terms of purchasing power.”

Lomak said that the government does give its own price for each garment and that “the government’s price is pretty close to what people are actually paying in other parts of the world.”

Llamas research group says that Vietnamese clothing is made in factories in several countries, including Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and China.

Llamams research group, Vietnam in the 21st Century, says Vietnam is making about 40 percent of the clothing that it sells in China and China is selling about 20 percent of its clothing to Vietnam.

It says about a quarter of the clothes manufactured in Vietnam are exported to the U.S. and the rest to China.

The United Nations is investigating a report from a United Nations agency that said that some garment factories in Vietnam were not paying workers enough.

The U.N. agency, the UIL, said that about a third of the factories were not paid enough to make enough garments to meet demand.

A spokeswoman for the UNAIDS, the United Nation’s agency for international cooperation, said the agency was aware of the ULI report and was working with the government to “reform its apparel procurement system to ensure that it meets the minimum standards of protection of human rights and sustainable development.”

The UNAIDs spokeswoman said the organization was looking into the matter.

The clothing factory that made the report is the Dong van factory.

The factory is located in the city of Quang Nam, where about 1,000 employees work.

The Dong Van factory produces garments for Kohl Inc., Lululux and American Eagle.

The Associated News is not naming the company.

The company did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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