UFC bantamweight champ, UFC welterweight champ weigh in on UFC 196 headline

UFC brawlers Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz are set to weigh in at UFC 196 on Saturday, but UFC president Dana White said Saturday night that they aren’t competing at the event. 

McGregor, who defeated Diaz in the UFC 199 main event, is scheduled to weigh-in at 5 p.m.

ET, while Diaz is scheduled for the main event at 10 p.p.m., which means the two weigh-ins will take place before UFC 196.

“The main event is going to be Conor McGregor, but Nate Diaz is a very good fighter and he’s got a great chance,” White said.

I don’t think Conor McGregor will beat Nate Diaz, because Conor McGregor’s got two of the best kickboxing in the world. “

It’s a tough call, but I’m confident in Nate Diaz and I think that he’ll beat Conor McGregor.

I can’t see Conor McGregor in the fight.””

But I think he’ll come in, and I can see Nate Diaz in that fight.

I can’t see Conor McGregor in the fight.”

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